Brand Identities and Logos

James Taylor Quartet -

Promotional Material

James Taylor Quartet (below right) -

Record cover design; paper, foam board and textile collage.

James Taylor Quartet (above, right & below) -

Band logos/branding/Business card.

JTQ & JTI (far below) - Record Covers

Tuttoalto Studio -
Logo, Business card, headed paper & leaflet

MCGB (left and centre) -
Logo, Business card, headed paper & envelope.

IOS (right) -

Logo, Business card, headed paper & envelope.

Travel Idea -
Logo, Business card, headed paper, compliment slips

Elegance -

Furniture Manufacturers Logo & Stationary

Twenty Twenty Communications - Logo

Q-Max - Logo

Tower Hamlets College (top right) -

End of Year Show Poster.

Acid Jazz Review (above) -

Pen & ink layout drafting.

Heads of Hair (above right) -

Typography with line work.

Record Cover (right) -

Layout experiment with text & numbers.

Dusq (below) -

Band logo

Layouts and typography